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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Stuff Dreams are Made Of Mix

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Last night, I got a good and much needed dose of rock and roll- checking out Snakehips and Smoky White Devils at The 5 Spot.


Tonight is the long awaited CD release show for Rayvon Pettis' Dying Light album.  I am pretty sure I wrote about this album last year, and I got to hear a preview several months back.  I am so excited for people to hear this album.


So, I have one Earie to give out before we get to the shuffle. Over the course of this year,  I have found myself reading about what my friends are up to and saying, "Man, they are killing it!" And yes this happens a lot with musical performers but as often it has been people in other fields (closely or loosely or completely connected to music) (music is kind of a big part of my life).  So, I have several winners of the "Killing It"* award.  This is not an exhaustive list, but all of these folks are infinitely deserving.


1. Hayden Coleman (and not just because I accidentally tagged him in yesterday's post) - I have featured Hayden's own music several times in the past. He is a hip-hop producer and a rapper - who has been immersed in that world for much of his life. In 2017, Coleman has been busy as a producer, co-writer, and guest performer.   Most notably (perhaps) on Morgan Bosman's cool track "Runaway". Check out the video where Hayden can be seen running...


2.  Lindsy Davis - I met Lindsy - as I did so many people - through Darrin Bradbury.  You may recall she drew the cover image forBradbury's The Story of Bob" album.  You member the devilishly handsome man on the cover. That, though, is just the tip of her talents. She is an extraordinary visual artist, this year she ventured into tattoo artistry. For me, she is inspiring in the way she has carved out a niche for herself in this town and continues to chip away and grow that niche.


3. Stacie Huckeba - To be honest, Stacie used to kind of scare me, but that was probably more about me than her. I know that Stacie has had a difficult year, but through that, she has managed to continue to kick ass as a photographer, writer, advocate, and just generally all around awesome person. She is up for East Nashvillian of the Year - which I think she richly deserves, but I don't get to vote on that one (as far as I know), but I get all the votes on the Earies.


4. Chad Cochran - I had been aware of Chad's photography - mostly his art photography of incredible landscapes - for a couple of years. I think I followed him on Instagram before I ever met him.  He still produces some of the most visually stunning landscape photographs I have ever seen, but in 2017 (and before) he has been killing it with his photos of musical performers - both on and off stage.


All of these folks motivate me to do more, and I am happy to know them.


*I know some people hate the phrase "killing it" (and to be honest, my use is somewhat ironic but I mean it with the utmost respect and admiration)


Okay - on we  go to the shuffle and perhaps a few more  Earies...


"My Hands Are Tied" by UniversalDice


EARIE ALERT: the "And I Don't Even Like Rock Operas" award goes to UniversalDice - featuring Gerry Dantone. When I got the e-mail about Birth Love Hate Death - and read the words "Classic Rock" and "Rock Opera", I have admit - I was a bit put off, but I am super glad I gave it a listen.  If those words put you off, I recommend giving it a listen.  If those words do not put you off, then what are you waiting for?

Ear to the Ground

The Ear to the Ground blog has kindly featured UniversalDice once again on their blog and playlist. Many thanks! Here's what they wrote:

"Your Son" by UniversalDice

Next, we have a track from the rock opera, Birth, Love, Hate, Death - by this contemporary classic rock band from Long Island, New York. Really powerful song."


NeuFutur Magazine

Travel, Craft Beer, Fitness, and Parenting

UniversalDice – birth, love, hate, death

Welcome to the World is the first track on UniversalDice’s new album birth, love, hate, death, providing fans with a straightforward rock style that builds off of performers like R.E.M., The Cars, and The Minutemen. The eclectic sound of this introductory effort showcases a trend that will continue throughout the entirety of the album. A lush production allows each element – the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals – equal time to shine. I Wish I Could Tell You This has the soulful guitar work of Eric Clapton or Mott The Hoople. A sedate and carefully laid down set of vocals ensure that fans will be eagerly devouring each and every word.  The taut instrumentation will stand up to repeat plays, not only on this effort but on songs like My Hands Are Tied.


My Hands Are Tied is the diametric opposite of the aforementioned cut. A high tempo and punchy instrumentation ramps up birth, love, hate, death’s energy. The vocals on this single pull double duty in that they add to the song’s harmony while telling a story. I Love It When They Hate It has a funkier, more bluesy sound to it (imagine The Rolling Stones meeting The Who); the vocals build off a Billy Bragg and Elvis Costello sound here. I’m No Good For You has an infectious dynamic crafted between the vocals and the instrumentation. Quite a few listens will be needed to hear every twist and turn that has been included within.  One Day At A Time, the penultimate effort on birth, love, hate, death will impress with a touching and emotionally effecting sound. The hopeful sound of the track colors the final statements on this CD, providing fans with a bit of happiness as the album begins to spin to a close.

Top Tracks: Welcome to the World, I Wish I Could Tell You This

Rating: 8.4/10

Ear to the Ground: A Music Blog

Ear to the Ground: A Music Blog

November 3 at 1:46pm ·


Did someone say Friday?

I went to see Nashville Rep's production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson last night.  Really good!  Andrew Jackson was cast as a kind of emo rock star. The show was funny and engaging, and the music was great.  Very irreverent and kind of raunchy at times. Perfect.  It was also a great satire of populism and how it doesn't always work out like it seems like it might.

Well, it is Friday.  Another rainy, gloomy day in Nashville. It's been an odd week for me. Not sure why. I took Monday off. Haven't felt 100% most of the week.  Feeling better today.  But, it's Friday! And that means we get to delve into the Featured Friday shuffle - more songs from the "new music" playlist.

"Cocaine Cowboys" by Sally Jaye (with Megan Palmer and Lauren Farrah in the video) 

"Heaven" by Black Needle Noise feat. Jennie Vee

"Enough for Me" by Ali Handal

"I'm No Good for You" by UniversalDice featuring Gerry Dantone

"Waltzing Around with my Shadow" by Jared Tyler

"Under Her Spell" by Mark Robinson Band

"Heart with Wings" by Fendrick & Peck

"Elysian Fields" by Maple & Rye


"Our Time is Now" by Post Death Soundtrack

Ear to the Ground: A music blog

Ear to the Ground


Friday, October 20, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Turned 24 Today Mix 


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Several years ago, someone pointed out that I would often make a very subtle sarcastic comment or joke, and then ruin the effect by saying "Just kidding". This guy even started calling me "Just kidding Joe".  I think he was right. My desire was to make sure I was understood. Like, if people thought I was being serious they might think I was an idiot or mean or whatever. But, it's not my job to explain myself to everyone and it is not my business what they think about me.


I have tried since then to catch myself when I want to add a "just kidding" - although full disclosure: emojis have kind of given me a cheat on this  ;-) And I'm working on that now, too.  Twice in the last two days I have posted something on social media that was facetious without a "tell" that I was kidding. The first case, if anyone took me as serious, they would think I was kind of stupid and maybe a little self-important. The second case, could potentially lead to a political reaction of some sort...


I don't know. 5 1/2 years in and I'm still working on this life thing, and I'm kind of okay with that for today....


Let's jump headlong into some featured music for a lovely Friday in Nashville...


"Man Enough" by UniversalDice


Sometimes music sneaks up on you... when I received the query from UniversalDice and read the words Rock Opera and Classic Rock, I thought it might not be my cup of tea, but the concept intrigued me, and I gave it a listen.  I am really glad I did. Every time, I listen I like it more and more. 

Ear to the Ground: A music blog

Ear to the Ground

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Friday Toast in a German Kitchen Mix

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I've said this before... but it comes back time and again.... the reason E2TG has endured for almost six and a half years is because I post just about every day, and I post even when I really don't feel much like posting.  I think it is my nation to constantly think about the what, why, and hows of whatever it is I am doing.  E2TG has definitely evolved over the years - although the basic premise is still the same. "Hey I heard some cool tunes on my way to work, let me tell you about them."


I do think about what I can do to reach more people - not for my ego (okay - a little for my ego) but mostly to help spread the word about some of the lesser known music that I love. Over the years, I have seen people I wrote about begin to reach a larger audience and get more wide-spread recognition. When that happens, I am proud - not that I feel in any responsible for the success. I have always viewed the artists and bands I write about as a "family" of sorts. These are my people, and over the years there have been triumphs and stumbles, celebrations and mourning. Things have also grown which means my "family" is so large that I lose touch with people sometimes, but I always love hearing about what is up - even if it's not music related. I see people I have written about excelling in all areas of life, and I, too, people struggling. Just as I have excelled and struggled at times.


I am generally a pretty upbeat guy, but I do get down sometimes too.... and I have bouts of self-pity sometimes.


My point is that I love what I do and I really have no desire to stop. It heartens me when people appreciate what I do and lets me know. It seems kind of petty to expect that, and I try to avoid expectations, but it is appreciated when it happens. And, E2TG has taken me places I could not even have imagined. So, even on days when I don't feel it as much as I would like, I keep on... and man oh man, the cool music I get to listen to really helps a ton!


It's Tuesday - let's see what is "trending"



"Forever" by UniversalDice


Next up, another track from Birth Love Hate Death - the rock opera and fourth album by this band lead by Gerry Dantone. They are from Long Island, NY. They play modern classic rock driven by lyrics that defy the conventions of their chosen genre. Really interesting stuff. 

Ear to the Ground blog

I'm running short on time... It's Tuesday where we take a look at what's "trending" on E2TG.   By the way, my "New Music" playlist just topped 500 tracks. Which means I have a ton of new and newish music yet to be featured here....  it's a great problem to have - especially since I only add music I dig.


"Danielle" by UniversalDice


And we close things out with another track from the rock opera “Birth Love Hate Death” by this Long Island that plays their take on "classic rock" music.

Ear to the Ground blog

Other than that, it is Friday - and this is my last post before Americana Fest madness gets underway next week... sort of... I guess Monday and Tuesday's posts will technically be before AMA Fest, but Monday night, I'm going to see Homemade Sin at The Family Wash.  This is Homemade Sin without Dan Baird who is recovering from an illness. Warner Hodges and Joe Blanton (two folks who I have been fans off for over 30 years) will be helping to hold down the fort. Looking forward to seeing lots of friends that night.


Since it is Friday, E2TG brings you Featured Friday - songs from my "New Music" playlist... let's shuffle...


"The Prophet" by UniversalDice


Birth Love Hate Death is an album and rock opera from this band from Long Island. They define their genre as "classic rock" which (to be honest) can be a hit or miss proposition when it comes to new music, but in their case it seems to be much more hit than miss.  It is original music that is a good reminder that the best of "classic rock" is classic for a reason.   This track really made me think about The Kinks and I dig The Kinks.

Ear to the Ground

Okay - so Wednesday... we shuffle up all the songs on my phone,  and things tend to get "Wild".  For some reason, I always look forward to Wednesdays.  I think it is the unpredictable nature of these shuffles:  new music alongside older songs, friends alongside long-time favorites, songs I didn't even know were on my phone, and revisiting albums that had been featured some time back.


Let's go ahead and jump to it! 


"Empty Nesters" by Toro Y Moi

"Empty Nesters" was the first single from the fourth studio album by chillwave pioneer - Toro Y Moi.  The recording I heard was from World Cafe and part of that massive download I got a couple of years back. I have no idea how many songs I have left on my phone from those 100 (I think) songs, but I love when they show up. 


"Sunlight" by John Doe

John Doe of X released his first solo album Meet John Doe in 1990.  This is from his most recent (The Westerner) which came out last year. It's one of my favorites in a long line of great songs he has written and/or recorded.


"Better Man" by UniversalDice

 Some new music - this is from the album birth love hate death by this Long Island band lead by Gerry Dantone.  The album is billed as a rock opera. The band plays contemporary classic rock.



Today, we are speaking with UniversalDice. Can you give us a little background information about yourself? How did you get into music?


I’ve played music since I was 5 years old; in elementary school, my family was offered a choice of instruments for my musical education – accordion or guitar.  Of course, they chose that I learn the accordion.  I always joke to myself that if they had chosen guitar for me, I’d be Pete Townshend today.


Accordion did not turn out to be the answer for me but in a few years, I was in the school orchestra playing 1st violin.  I was not the best violinist in the school but I was OK.  At some point, I suffered 3 broken arms and that was it for regularly playing violin.   That was probably it for being a virtuoso string instrument player as well.  I broke my left arm one more time as an adult for good measure.


In late high school and early college years I started fooling around with an old acoustic guitar I found in my parent’s house and eventually bought a really cheap Univox guitar while in college with money I won playing pinochle.  Almost immediately it was obvious I wanted to write songs even before I knew how to play.  The rest is history, such as it is.


You have just released a rock album, birth, love, hate, death; what was the writing/creative and recording process for the album like?


The process begins with ideas; I had written some songs over the years that suggested some characters, a young man and a young woman who interacted in an interesting way.  The idea was to grow these couple of songs into a rock opera and tell a story about love; in this case from birth to death and all the love and hate in between, hence “birth, love, hate, death.”  It was going to be a tragedy because it’s more compelling and more real, in my opinion.   After writing more songs, it became apparent what gaps existed in the story; when that happens you then become motivated to fill the gaps and complete the story.  Telling a story definitely (for me) makes writing songs easier.  Having a story to tell brings focus to the writing process.


We’ve recorded all of the UniversalDice albums ourselves.  The first two CDs, bassist Sam Cimino and I shared the writing, recording and production duties with help from keyboardist Tom Beckner.  I’ve handled the production of the last two CDS myself with help from lead guiatarist Bob Barcus on many songs and on “blhd” from Vin Crisci on 4 tunes.  The first two CDs were analog, the 3rd was both analog and digital, and “birth, love, hate, death” entirely digital.  We did it all from recording, mixing and mastering.  Bob and I usually handle the artwork, with Bob handling the more technical aspects. Sam played bass on much of the first 3 CDs, and Eddie Canova has handled it since then.  On “blhd” both Vin Crisci and Walt Sargent handled the keys.  Thank goodness for digital; you can do so much more without breaking the bank.


The album art is fascinating; what significance does the hand/design hold for you?  How does birth, love, hate, death differ from your previous music? What sort of things are a hold-over from earlier recordings?


The hand imprint of the cover represents “birth.”  It’s the imprint of an infant.  It seemed to be a good way to start the experience of the rock opera, “birth, love, hate, death.”  It happens to be my daughter’s imprint.


This album is different because it’s about love, and pretty much only love.  Previous albums dealt with faith, reason, religion, social issues, war, peace, etc. with some loves songs scattered about incidentally.  This is about love.


What will always be the same in UniversalDice albums is humanism; the theme of caring about what happens to others will always be the philosophical underpinning.  This may seem typical, but it really isn’t.  These songs are NOT obeying a god, a moral code, scripture, social norms or other commonly held beliefs; they are about caring about others, what happens to others and trying to contribute somehow to a better world.  In this album, the point is that love is NOT something you merely feel; love is a pattern of behavior of helping the ones you love.


How supportive is the Long Island/NYC music scene in furthering your career (e.g. radio stations, magazine, venues)?


One local magazine, Good Times Magazine, has always been nice to us but generally it is most difficult to get something going in the local music scene with original music.  People need to know your songs before they come to see you and additionally our material is not well suited for playing the bars and clubs.  It may rock but there’s a little too much going on.  Part of what we do is provoke thought – that’s difficult in a club setting.


I’ve played clubs – CBGBs to Malibu Beach Club to Great Gilversleeves to My Father’s Place in the NY metro area.  It’s just not our optimal setting.


 What does your recording set up look like (what do you use to record, what are your favorite tools)?


I use a PC running SONAR for recording and use SoundForge to master.  I have all kinds of effects from Waves and other companies.  I use the POD and SansAmp for guitar sound and Bob uses a miked boutique amp for his sounds.  We used a SansAmp for bass with Eddie to go direct.  I know Vinny uses a Korg for his keyboards and I have other various modules for keys with Walter.  I also use a Seck mixer for routing my set up and the whole thing occupies about 30 or 40 square feet in my den.  I own only 2 electric guitars and one acoustic – I am not a collector.


Which artists are the greatest influences for you and your music? Is there a dream lineup of performers that you would like to perform with if given the chance?


The Beatles, the Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, Simon & Garfunkel and other bands from the ‘60s and ‘70s form the basis of my musical education.  I love bands like Muse, the Killers, Green Day and Radiohead from more recent times.  I would love to play with the Who, but I am not worthy.


Which sort of social media website have you had the best successes with? What about these online services are different from the traditional face to face meeting and performances that musicians utilize?


Facebook seems to be the best format for me to communicate with potential fans.  Twitter’s 140 characters would be totally inadequate.  I am not visually oriented so other photo/video based social media is not my strong point.


What should listeners expect from your music in the future? How can interested NeuFutur readers locate samples of your music?


We have a 5th album in our future – it will be about “family.”  It will rock.


Our music is everywhere it can be, iTunes, Amazon. Spotify, CDBaby and 20 or more other outlets.  Our first 3 albums may be attributed to “”, which are “My Name is Thomas…”, also a rock opera, “mostly True Stories” and “Out of Many, One.”   Our latest CD, “birth, love, hate, death” will be listed under “UniversalDice.”  You can get physical CDs via CDBaby and digital everywhere.  The best starting point is our web site; .


What does the rest of 2017 hold for your music and tour date wise?


Since our rock opera is best enjoyed as a rock opera, we are working with a local theater/performance art school to get it staged and take it on the road to appropriate venues as a real production.  To get that done would be a dream come true.


Thank you so much for your time. Finally, do you have any additional thoughts about life and the universe for our readers?


Our new CD begins:


I’m sure you want to know where did we all come from

You want to know what comes after this?

The secret’s in the way you live, not in kingdom come

May you live to taste your love’s sweet kiss

My sweet darling, my sweet child

The road is winding and the weather’s wild


And it ends:


Love is the warm embrace

Love is the saving grace

We need to love each other…

Now truth is a mystery and love is the clue


WPKN’s Favorite Tracks of the Week – 08/06/17

  1. Benjamin Gibbard: What You Do To Me – Bandwagonesque (Atlantic, 2017)
  2. Universal Dice: Welcome to the World – Birth, Love, Hate, Death (Infidels, 2017)
  3. Boris Garcia: Waters Blue – Around Some Corner (Porchwerk, 2017)
  4. The Dream Syndicate: Glide – How Did I Find Myself Here? (Anti-, 2017)


KAFM 88.1

Grand Junction Community Radio, Colorado

The Divided Sky (Variety)

With Ghost

Subbing for Mark

TUE AUG 1ST 2017 9.00AM–12.00PM


UniversalDice “I Know What I'm Doin'”  from Birth, Love, Hate, Death (Infidels Records 2017) N

Ear to the Ground: A Music Blog

Ear to the Ground


Friday, July 28, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Leave it on the Shelf Mix 


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Tentatively emerging from a blue funk I've been in, and a wonderful night of live music definitely helped out with that...


Whew!  And it is now Friday and the heat has at least temporarily broken... and we have a fine playlist of Featured Friday songs...  Now!


 "I Love It When They Hate It" by UniversalDice


UniversalDice is a Long Island, NY band lead by songwriter Gerry Dantone.  This is a track from their most recent album (and rock opera) called birth love hate death.  They play an original style of classic rock music.  This is our first listen, and I am digging it so far.


More airplay, this time for "One Day at a Time":

Good Times Magazine

UniversalDice, an ambitious, veteran group with a progressive rock sound, recently released their fourth studio album on Infidels Records - entitled "birth, love, hate, death" - which, as reported by the band ranks as their second rock opera.  The group is composed of Gerry Dantone (vocals), Bob Barcus (guitars), Eddie Canova (bass), and newest members Walt Sargent and Vincent Crici (keyboards).

For the whole article go to and go to page 22.

Battles Zone Playlist

Battles Zone Playlist

Top of Form

Pick the number of weeks to display.   

Bottom of Form

Show: Battles Zone (All Night Show)
Announcer: Brian Battles email: Twitter: @BrianBattles Facebook: BrianBattlesCT





Record Label

5:54 am


Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Beat Out Of Hell

Cleveland International

5:51 am

Anne Murray

I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home

This Is Way My Way


5:46 am

Black Eyed Peas

I Gotta Feeling

The E.N.D.


5:42 am

Beach Boys


Still Cruisn'


5:39 am

Barry Manilow


Barry Manilow II


5:31 am

Janis Joplin

Mercedes Benz



5:26 am


Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma

Candles In The Rain


5:25 am

Paul Williams

Just An Old Fashioned Love Song

Just An Old Fashioned Love Song


5:18 am


Silly Love Songs

Wings At The Speed Of Sound


5:15 am

Buck 22 (Damon Elliott)

Achy Breaky 2 (featuring Billy Ray Cyrus)



5:11 am

Debby Boone

You Light Up My Life

You Light Up My Life

Warner Brothers

5:11 am

Alison Gold

Chinese Food


PMW Live

5:03 am

4 Non Blondes

What's Up

Bigger, Better, Faster, More!


4:56 am

Crystal Gayle

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

We Must Believe In Magix

United Artists

4:52 am

Kim Carnes

Bette Davis Eyes

Mistaken Identity

EMI America

4:48 am

Kenny Rogers

Coward Of The County


United Artists

4:44 am

Bonnie Tyler

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Faster Than The Speed Of Night


4:41 am

Katrina And The Waves

Walking On Sunshine

Katrina And The Waves


4:38 am

Loggins And Messina

Your Mama Don't Dance

Loggins And Messina


4:31 am

Foster The People

Pumped Up Kicks



4:24 am

Michael Bolton

Can I Touch You...There

Greatest Hits (1985-1995)


4:21 am

R. Dean Taylor

Indiana Wants Me

I Think, Therefore I Am

Rare Earth

4:15 am

Milli Vanilli

Girl You Know It's True

Girl You Know It's True


4:14 am

Tommy Roe

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea


4:12 am

Shirley Ellis

The Name Game

The Name Game


4:09 am

1910 Fruitgum Company

Simon Says

Simon Says


3:58 am

The Cowsills

The Rain, The Park and Other Things

The Cowsills


3:55 am

Bobby Sherman

Julie Do You Love Me

With Love, Bobby


3:53 am

Partridge Family

I Think I Love You

The Partridge Family Album


3:51 am

The Osmonds

One Bad Apple



3:46 am

Stevie Wonder

Living For The City



3:44 am



Middle Of Nowhere


3:37 am

Will Smith

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West


3:27 am

Vanilla Ice

Ice Ice Baby

To The Extreme


3:21 am


Give Me Everything

Planet Pit

Polo Grounds

3:17 am

Rod Stewart

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

Blondes Have More Fun

Warner Brothers

3:13 am

Minnie Riperton

Lovin' You

Perfect Angel


3:08 am


Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever


3:07 am

Bay City Roller

Saturday Night



5:40 am

Jethro Tull

Passion Play Part 1

Passion Play


5:32 am

Gabriel Garzon-Montano

Fruit Flies


Stones Throw

5:26 am

Sam Huber

Turn Around

Turn Around (EP)

True Groove

5:18 am

Roger Miller

King Of The Road

The Return Of Roger Miller


5:13 am

George Thorogood and The Destroyers

Bad To The Bone

Bad To The Bone

EMI America

5:08 am


Life In The Fast Lane

Hotel California


5:02 am

Golden Earring

Radar Love



4:59 am

Rob Zombie

Never Gonna Stop

The Sinister Urge


4:54 am

ZZ Top



Warner Brothers

4:48 am


How Soon Is Now

Meat Is Murder


4:45 am


One Thing Leads To Another

Reach The Beach


4:43 am


Low Rider (Arthur Baker 87 remix)

Low Rider


4:38 am

Dr John

Right Place, Wrong Time

In The Right Place


4:37 am

Doors/Snoop Dogg

Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix)

Need For Speed Underground 2

Electronic Arts

4:34 am




Warner Brothers

4:26 am

Ted Nugent

Motor City Madhouse

Ted Nugent


4:22 am

Sammy Hagar

I Can't Drive 55



4:20 am

Deep Purple

Speed King

In Rock


4:20 am

Beach Boys

Little Deuce Coupe

Little Deuce Coupe


4:19 am

Speed Racer

Speed Racer Theme

Speed Racer cartoon


4:19 am

Barry De Vorzon

Warriors Theme

Warriors Soundtrack


3:54 am


For The Love Of Money

Ship Ahoy

Philadelphia International

3:43 am


Papa Was A Rolling Stone

All Directions


3:37 am

James Brown

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Pts 1, 2 & 3

Star Time


3:35 am



Funkentelechy vs The Placebo Syndrome


3:24 am

Dennis Coffey/Detroit Guitar Band

Scorpio/Son Of Scorpio



3:12 am


Slide/Son Of Slide



3:08 am

Isley Brothers

That Lady



5:48 am

Van Morrison

Almost Independence Day

St Dominic's Preview

Warner Brothers

5:47 am

Bruce Springsteen

Independence Day

The River


5:34 am

Bearing Torches

American Kids

Bearing Torches


5:27 am

Bad Company

Live For The Music

Run With The Pack


5:26 am

The Firm


The Firm


5:21 am

Deep Purple

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers


5:12 am

Universal Dice

Sleeping Alone

Birth Love Hate Death


5:02 am

Peter Fox

Schuttel Deinen Speck


Warner Brothers

5:01 am


Der Kommissar



5:01 am



Reise, Reise


4:49 am

Alice Cooper

Dead Babies


Warner Brothers

4:49 am


All-American Neighborhood

Trouble Maker


4:41 am

Nine Inch Nails


The Downward Spiral


4:37 am

Marilyn Manson

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Smells Like Children


4:35 am

Male Gaze

African Ripoff

Miss Taken

Castle Face

4:23 am

Harbor & Home

Won't Let Go



4:13 am

Pink Floyd




4:12 am

Nick Drake

Pink Moon

Pink Moon


4:06 am

PJKTS (Paper Jackets)

Bad Manners



3:59 am

Joe Walsh

Turn To Stone



3:52 am

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Susie Q

Creedence Clearwater Revival


3:42 am


Incessant Mace

Ultramega OK (2017 reisuue)


3:37 am

Reduction Plan (Daniel Manning)




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Colby Yates

Three Stooges On The Fourth Of July

Right Amount Of Renegade


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Tiny Moving Parts

Fourth Of July

Pleasant Living

Triple Crown

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Galaxie 500

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This Is Our Music

Rough Trade

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Mike Krol

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Trust Fund

Counter Counter Culture

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King Washington

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The Gears

Beneath The Cabbage

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Fall Out Boy

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American Beauty/American Psycho


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CDs added July 2017:

07-07-17     John Trudell     AKA Grafitti Man (Inside Recordings)

07-07-17     Dan Aurebach     Waiting on a Song (Easy Eye Sound)

07-07-17     Sandy Ross     All My Heroes Sang The Blues (Self-Released)

07-07-17     Whitehorse     Panther in the Dollhouse (Six Shooter Records)

07-07-17     FVRCOATS     Gumballs in the Meritocracy (Johann’s Face Records)

07-07-17     Root Shock     Root Shock (Self-Released)

07-07-17     Glen Campbell     Adios (Universal Music Enterprises)

07-07-17     Jim Lauderdale     London Southern (Sky Crunch Records)

07-07-17     UniversalDice     birth, love, hate, death (Infidels Records)

07-07-17     Jennifer Saran     Wake Up (Tarpan Records)

07-07-17     Terry Anderson     Jimmy’s Arcade (Doublenaught Records)

07-07-17     Jefferson Ross     Live at Hillbilly Haiku (Deep Fried Discs)

07-07-17     EJ Bisiar     Evergreen Trail (Self-Released)

07-07-17     Banditos     Visionland (Bloodshot Records)

07-07-17     Greg Schatz     Small Peace of Mind (Hot Spazz Records)

07-07-17     The Cash Box Kings     Royal Mint (Alligator Records)

07-07-17     duquette     trust the night (Self-Released)

07-07-17     Steelism     ism (Intoxicating Sounds)

07-07-17     Stolen Rhodes      Bend With The Wind (Self-Released)

07-07-17     Gov’t Mule      Revolution Come… Revolution Go (Fantasy Records)

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UniversalDice – Out of Many, One

Genre : Indie Classic Rock / Rock Opera

Infidels Records artists UniversalDice is a most unique band; just beneath the surface of their accessible, melodic and beautifully played and arranged modern/classic rock sound lay an ambitious and rich lyrical content that challenges pop music orthodoxy. There are few band that not only make you think, but can take you to another place musically while they force you to re-think what was once taken for granted.  The songs, written and produced by Gerry Dantone, are always relevant and usually intensely emotion and often unique in the rock music arena.


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June 30, 2017 D Grant Smith

Music Playlist

Title Artist Album Label Year Length

Heart Place (Instrumental) Lindsay Katt Picking Out Boxes. Lindsay Katt 2008 01:45


Evil James Vincent McMorrow We Move. Mahogany Books/Burning Rope 2016 04:41

Last Story James Vincent McMorrow We Move. Mahogany Books/Burning Rope 2016 04:47


Look Me In The Eye Matthew Mayfield 72 Songs/Every Release: Noisetrade Special. Matthew Mayfield 2013 02:57

Breathe Out In Black Matthew Mayfield 72 Songs/Every Release: Noisetrade Special. Matthew Mayfield 2013 03:19


One Day At A Time UniversalDice Birth, Love, Hate, Death. Infidels Records 2016 02:52

Honestly UniversalDice Birth, Love, Hate, Death. Infidels Records 2016 04:56


Rise Above Eline Chavez The Epic And Reckless. Epic & Reckless Music 2017 04:20

Not Alone Eline Chavez The Epic And Reckless. Epic & Reckless Music 2017 05:41


My Eyes Won’t Be Open Thomas Wynn And The Believers Wade Waist Deep. Mascot Label Group 2017 04:44

I Don’t Regret Thomas Wynn And The Believers Wade Waist Deep. Mascot Label Group 2017 04:28


Love Is A Stranger Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop Milky Way-Single. Sub Pop 2016 03:14

Call It Dreaming Iron & Wine Beast Epic. Sub Pop 2017 03:52


Love Is Not A Big Enough Word Indoor Garden Party The Musical. Model 101 Records 2017 03:00

Love Was My Alibi Indoor Garden Party The Musical. Model 101 Records 2017 03:00


No One’s Gonna Love You Band Of Horses Cease To Begin. Sub Pop 2007 03:37

Detlef Schrempf Band Of Horses Cease To Begin. Sub Pop 2007 04:28


The Morning Song Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Souvenir. Magnolia Music 2017 04:40

Fight For Love Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Souvenir. Magnolia Music 2017 03:10


Psalm For Sinners Jon Magnusson Psalm For Sinners. Jon Magnusson 2017 02:15

Visa Fram Utamyra Jon Magnusson Psalm For Sinners. Jon Magnusson 2017 01:00


Not For A Lack Of Love Nino Polizzi Earth After Rain. Nino Polizzi 2016 04:05

The One To Break Your Heart Nino Polizzi Earth After Rain. Nino Polizzi 2016 05:03


Emotional Comeback Terry Ohms A Lot More Than Enough. Cornelius Chapel Records 2017 07:35

A Lot More Than Enough Terry Ohms A Lot More Than Enough. Cornelius Chapel Records 2017 03:26


Quarter To Nine Jeff Gutman Arrive. Mr. Knees Records 2016 04:28

And Through This Life Jeff Gutman Arrive. Mr. Knees Records 2016 07:34


Exodus Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus 40th Anniversary Edition. The Island Def Jam Records 2007 07:30

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06.25.2017 Playlist

Four Cypresses – Grizzly Bear *


Open Window – Free Throw *

Look Away – Sister James

Trying Year – King of No Man *

Seedless Star – Cloakroom *

Wouldn’t Want to Be Ya – YONAKA *

Metal – FEWS *

No Shade – Wavves *

I Try Not To – Desparate Journalist *

Out of Tune – Baio *

Little of Your Love – HAIM *

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

The Beach – The Neighbourhood

Saw You in a Dream – The Japanese House

Whole Wild World (Unpeeled) – Cage the Elephant *

People Will Always Need Coal – Public Service Broadcasting *

Play God – Sam Fender *

You’re Not Ready for My Love – Lily McQueen *

Boyish – Japanese Breakfast *

Saving Time – Broke Royals

Shine a Light – Shabazz Palaces *

Die Young – Sylvan Esso

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) – Lykke Li

Heaven – liv *

Wicked Streets – J. Bernardt *

You – Street Joy

Honey Bunny – Girls

I Don’t Love You – Moose Blood

Mearcstapa – Fleet Foxes *

Super Natural – Turnover *

Beach Break – Julietta

Autumn – Reduction Plan *

Obligatory Drugs – Black Kids *

Girl Like You – Toro y Moi *

Hard To Say Goodbye – Washed Out *

Sun Drop – Vita and the Woolf *

Second Chance – Affinity Moon *

A Love That You Will Never Know – Rococode *

My Hands Are Tied – UniversalDice *

Dusty Eyes – Bedouine *

Man of War – Radiohead *

Either Way – Sorority Noise *


Song Name - Band Name (* designates new music)

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1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas


Calamity Janie subs for Pirate!  Tune in as the band Male Gaze will be joining me in studio for an acoustic performance, a Q&A session, and they will share some tracks from their new album, "Miss Taken".  Also, they will be playing at the Red Museum (212 15th St) in Sacramento tomorrow (6/17).


GENRE:   Metal

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UniversalDice "I Wish I Could Tell You This"   NEW rock mellow almost country tinge.


A.V.A. Live Radio

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Gerry Dantone
Bob Barcus
Ed Canova
Walt Sargent
Vin Crici

Interviewing: Gerry Dantone

Song name: Honestly
Music Genre/ category : Classic Rock (this song is part of a 16 song rock opera, “birth, love, hate, death”)

In this song (as part of the rock opera), ‘Danielle” asks the age-old question, “Honestly, Do you really love me?”. As is typical for UniversalDice, the answer is not simple or cliche. He’s NOT sure, and he hopes he is doing the right thing. In the final stanza she gets her answer from “the son”:


I don’t know what love is,
Or the meaning of this
Don’t know what I’m doing
I hope I’m not using
I’ve never said these words before
I’ve never hurt right to the core
I’m shaking with each step I take
If this is love, judge what I do
Do I make your dreams all come true?
Do I make you feel glad that you’re awake?
And every night I have with you
I say this honestly
And every night I have with you
I say this honestly”

Link :

New album…
This is much more realistic and down to earth collection of songs about love and relationships than you would typically find. There is no glamour, no romanticizing of this relationship, few illusions. It is not “edgy,” “trendy” or it is not what you expected to hear in a classic rock setting. I wanted to write a story and songs that more people could relate to that feature articulate but imperfect people. I also wanted to write something that would always sound good and mean something, not just in the near future, but for years to come. There is a lot of care taken on the arrangement s and we wanted to make sure there was plenty of dynamics and “drama” within the songs.


The band is on Long Island, New York…
and although there is a music scene here, it has become increasingly more difficult to promote original music. Since it has become much easier and affordable to record your tunes, there is a massive amount of new music for the consumer to sift through, of wildly varying quality. It is difficult to break through the noise.


Music business..
I was an employee of MTV Networks in the past and I have a bit of experience in the field so I have seen this business from a couple of angles. As a performer, talent is simply not enough. Much more important is commitment and the ability to work at self-promotion full-time. If you have any responsibilities, such as a children, a mortgage, etc., the music business may not be ideal when it comes to making a living and this may prevent some deserving artists from achieving recognition. It is almost impossible nowadays to be successful by just releasing great music. Performing and promotion are almost more important than the art of music.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I did not expect this question and what came to mind immediately were only 2 people; Barack Obama and Paul McCartney.


Website and social media links: :

Good Times Magazine

Also just out: "birth, love, hate, death," a rock opera on Infidels Records. This new effort, available virtually everywhere music is sold (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, etc.) is an effort helmed by singer/songwriter and activist Gerry Dantone, and is a story about "love from birth to death of a tragic young couple."  The album takes on large themes, yet remains quite accessible and melodic...

The Noteworthy Music Reviews


UniversalDice - 'Birth, Love, Hate, Death'

May 2, 2017

By Bryon William


UniversalDice is a band who delivers classic-rock-operas with huge musical landscapes, in-depth story-lines/characters and lyrical explorations of life's complexities, mysteries and meaning. The band features: Gerry Dantone, lead vocals, guitars, programming; Bob Barcus, guitars; Ed Canova,bass; and Walt Sargent and Vin Crici on keys. Songwriter, singer, political and philosophical writer/activist Gerry Dantone delivers more than music in his song-writing; he delivers a complete experience. If you close your eyes and listen, you will be transported into ta colorful, world as if you are reading a novel. Inspired by artists such as the Who and the Beatles, UniversalDice's new self recorded and produced 16-track album 'Birth, Love, Hate, Death' is a great way to introduce yourself to the band's captivating, page-turning performance. 



Each song on the album is strung together in a cinematic fashion sung from different perspectives representing the "characters" viewpoint.  For example, track three "Your Son" depicts a toxic relationship between a mother and a son, told from the son's perspective.  Kicking off the song is a guitar progression with slight distortion, accompanied by a rocking drum beat and synth keys droning in the background. The vocals enter to suit the mood, mellow with a haunting timbre. When combined with the instrumentation, UniversalDice  sets a stormy mood that captivates you right from the start. “Your Son” is a very moving song about childhood abuse showing that UniversalDice doesn't shy away from serious and difficult topics. 

Another stand-out composition on the album is “My Hands Are Tied” (Track 5).  "My Hand Are Tied" changes up the vibe with a strong pop-theater flavor, an upbeat tempo, with catchy melodies and memorable chorus.  Nice electric guitar leads compliment this arrangement. This song is a great example of how well the compositions on the album reflect the mood and emotion of the lyrics. Vocally, Dantone shows incredible diversity, moving to a tenor-ranged, clear pop presentation with ease.  The song's perspective is from a boy who has a larger-than-life crush on a girl - he "takes a pill to gather up some courage, but instead get an awful headache."  There is an innocence that is revealed as the words delve into the humanistic themes of inadequacy and humiliation.  

Sung from the same perspective is “Danielle,” a song about pretentiousness. "Danielle, you're the life of the party. Danielle, you'll never say you're sorry. Does the new car mean you've got it made? Do you have a friend you won’t betray?"  The band demonstrates tight musicianship in this multi-layered track.  Both "My Hands Are Tied" and "Danielle" have a musical-esk vibe bringing the drama to life.  Another song from the perspective of "the Boy" is“Better Man.” This song has a classic rock instrumental track that rocks out with great electric guitar riffs and a solo jam section. "Better Man" is about the Boy’s fear of losing love and his willingness to do what it takes to keep the love alive."I love you so much, I’d risk losing you. I can’t do nothin’, ‘cept what’s right by you." The song is sung with passion as if Dantone is inside the character's heart.


As the engaging album progresses, the images of the opera grow stronger and come more into focus, like a good page turner, each song unfolds with suspense. Following "Better Man' is the ballad "Honesty,' which is a duo between the Boy and Danielle. This moving ballad, which was my favorite track on the album,is sure to be a fan favorite with its intricate piano playing, infectious melodies and harmonies.  The beautiful performance demonstrates UniveralDice's ability to write raw and genuine emotion."Honestly, honestly, do you really love me? Are you thinking of me? Honestly, honestly, are you trying to use me? You think you’ll seduce me?"

“Sleeping Alone” marks a climactic point in the rock opera that explores doubt and insecurity and the desire to feel grounded in love. It opens with a melodic piano line accompanied by synth strings. This duet changes from a soft ballad into a tense rocking jam and is sure to get your blood pumping in suspense for what is going to happen next. The final song on the album is sung solely from the perspective on Danielle and is titled, “Forever.” The song opens with a gentle piano progression that is soon accompanied by lovely acoustic guitar and a steady drum beat. "Forever" wraps up the rock opera with lessons learned. "Love is the warm embrace, love is the saving grace. We need to help each other." It has a memorable hook that is sure to stick with you leaving a lasting memory of this rock opera in your mind.

'Birth, Love, Hate, Death' is an extremely highly developed musical concept album that gives listeners substantial musical content while delivering insight on the struggles of love and growing into yourself. UniversalDice has found their niche with an ability to write songs that build insightful stories with memorable melodies and hooks that would allow each song to stand alone and shine, but when pieced together form a grand work of art. Other albums by UniversalDice touch on themes like faith, meaning and purpose, politics and social issues. Their music, along with more information on this prolific band, can be found on their website.

Contemporary Fusion Reviews 

provocative multilayered rock opera UniversalDice – “BIRTH, LOVE, HATE, DEATH”:  Right up front, I want to say that I listen to (probably more than) a hundred or so “rock bands” a year who want a featured slot… it goes without saying that most of them never make it (except in their own minds, mayhaps).  Gerry Dantone leads this high-energy rockin’ group (check the CD Baby page for the complete player list; it’s far too long to paste here) in a most excellent rock opera set that, in places, even surpasses the old-school bands their songs are modeled after.  Please note that I said “modeled after”, too – they are their OWN band, not “wannabees”…

Gerry & his pals are even able to carry off that “psychedelic” sound that I was weaned on… just listen to the opener, “Welcome To The World“, and you’ll hear (in the immediate) what I’m talking about; they project that kind of “universal energy” we were all seeking back in those long-ago days – and they do it their own way; I particularly liked the integration of strings and vocals with the great guitar leads (think “THE WHO”)!

The “opera” feeling is best captured in the musical and vocal styles on the longest tune on the album, “Take Me Home“… the lyrics are especially notable, as they are easy to understand… simple, yet evoking strong feelings and emotions you may have forgotten you had.  Absolutely loved the integration of instruments (particularly the guitars) on this piece, and found myself listening to it over and over again.  One piece of advice – at least for your first sitting, make SURE you do it with your headphones ON – you’ll hear something different each time you listen to it.

I think the key thing about this great band is that their music and lyrics “provoke” you to think a little more deeply than you might on a regular basis… a most refreshing quality, and something that’s certainly needed in today’s highly-charged world… if you actually “listen” to songs like my personal favorite of the sixteen offered up, “I’m No Good For You“, you’ll quickly realize that life demands your attention, and that you need to think about your situation a bit, rather than just “rushing right in”… the guitar leads on this track just SOAR!  I predict that this song will make it right up to the TOP of the charts – we’ll see if I’m right. 

This is an astounding album that’s full of surprises, both lyrically and musically; I give them a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00… that means, of course, this gets my “PICK” for “best rock-opera”!  Keep your ears on this band, they will RISE!  Get more information on the UniversalDice website (and tell them you read about them here, of course)! 

Island Songwriter's Showcase

Island Songwriters Showcase This is an epic, folks. What makes it 'epic' is not its length, but its depth. UniversalDice tackles more big questions in 45 minutes than some artists tackle in an entire career. It's not heady music, though. It's 'rock' in the classic rock vein with a big sound and melodies that can stalk you for days.

I am tempted to say this is his best work yet, but I really like ALL of his previous recordings. Gerry's work is consistently excellent. 

Bravo, Gerry, on an ambitious work - nailed.

Note: Walt played keyboards on this CD



with music by UNIVERSALDICE; "Who You know" written by Sam Cimino

Uploaded by Doris Rowe

Monday, March 26, 2012 at 9:38 AM EST

New Jersey Humanist Network

An Evening of Humanism in Music

Scenes from the 1st NJHN Music Contest

Humanists love a good song as much as anyone else. But how much music do you hear performed in concert that carries lyrics expressing the ideas and values that inspire a Humanist? On June 16th, 2001, we had that opportunity.


In an effort to enlarge the body of Humanist music, the New Jersey Humanist Network sponsored its first Humanist Music Contest. We were delighted with the high production quality, variety of musical styles, and contemporary appeal of the songs that were entered into the contest. Selecting a winner was difficult, and we wished we could have given out more prizes.


The winning song was "Love is the Only Priest" by Gerry Dantone, which is an upbeat rock-and-roll tune that makes you want to dance and sing along with lyrics proclaiming that happiness is the only heaven and reason is the only light we need.


Second prize went to Greg James for the song "For the Love of Humanity", a haunting song full of complex rhythms that tells us that we must live our love in the here and now.


Honorable mentions went to Ned Davis and Pop Canon for the jazzy and humorous "Ballyhoo" and to Ed Poll for the beautiful ballad "The Human Heart".


The New Jersey Humanist Network wishes to thank all the contest entrants, and we hope that their music will greatly help to spread the message of Humanism, especially to young people.

Island Songwriters Showcase

CD Review


By Pedro Pereira


Long Island band Universal Dice’s third release is a musically and lyrically ambitious

collection of songs, titled “Out of Many, One,” that will have you tapping your foot

while pondering some of the most controversial issues of our times.

Universal Dice is the band led by ISS Newsletter founder Gerry Dantone, who writes

most of the tunes, sings and plays guitar. His musical co-conspirators are keyboardist

Tom Beckner, guitarist Bob Barkus, songwriter/bassist Sam Camino and bass player

Ed Canova.


From corporate layoffs to the child-molestation scandal in the Catholic Church to the

plight of Afghan women under a repressive regime, Universal Dice tackles some

difficult themes without ever succumbing to preachy-ness. And while condemnation

and indignation occasionally accentuate the message, for the most part the band

succeeds in taking a sympathetic approach to the issue at hand.


Such is the case with “I am the Woman Who Has Awoken,” a song inspired by a poem

written by Afghan female activist Meena, who was assassinated in 1987 for speaking

out against fundamentalists and the Soviet-controlled puppet regime then ruling the



Pop “Out of Many, One” in your player, and you’ll quickly be singing along to the

infectious chorus of “God Wants Me to Hate You,” an uptempo number delivered with

an intensity reminiscent of Elvis Costello’s early music. The song offers an ironic take

on the oft-repeated Bible-based justifications for homophobia. Or you might catch

yourself swaying along the reggae rhythm of “Welcome to 1984,” a track that deals

with censorship.


Homophobia, censorship and gender repression in distant regimes may seem like a

tall order to cover in one CD. But Universal Dice doesn’t stop there. The band offers a

rapid-fire litany of anti-right-wing themes that would make John Ashcroft weep.

For starters, “Out of Many, One” kicks off with “Master of Low Expectations,” an

ingenious satire on our current commander in chief that uses nothing but his own

bumbling words to deliver its indictment. Gerry picked up such priceless presidential

nuggets as “War is a dangerous place” and “I stand by all the misstatements that I’ve

made” to write the song. And they are uncomfortably amusing.


But lest anyone walk away with the impression that “Out of Many, One,” merely

condemns, it’s important to note that there is an undercurrent of hope that lifts the

message into a positive plain. This is particularly the case with the songs “Still Alive in

the USA,” a percussion-heavy uptempo anthem and “Peace, Love,” a Lennonesque

ballad that asks, “Peace, love, is that all there is?” and goes on to conclude in a very

understated way: “Peace, love, it comes down to this.”


The band approaches each song with a visible sense of economy and lyrical

sensibility. The music is as informed by the Beatles as by Costello and other late

‘70s/early ‘80s acts. “Out of Many, One” is mature rock for mature listeners who don’t

mind having to think when hearing music.


NOVEMBER 2, 2002

Godless Americans Rally

Atheists and humanists gathered on the National Mall to rally for the rights and opinions of non-religious Americans. The organizers titled the event “The Godless Americans March on Washington.”

GERRY DANTONE of UniversalDice is introduced by Ellen Johnson at about the 4:05:00 mark on the video and he sings "Magic Butt" and "Love is the Only Priest"  from the CD "My Name Is Thomas..."

Gerry Dantone singing "Magic Butt"

The whole rally on C-SPAN:

Gerry Dantone:

UniversalDice songs

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