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birth, love, hate, death

by UniversalDice

Released 03/31/2017
Infidels Records
Released 03/31/2017
Infidels Records
This is a true labor of love – a rock opera/love story that is not idealized or glamorized but is instead full of self-doubt, mistakes, missed opportunities, regret and sacrifice. We hope you give it a listen. Thanks!

The songs of the latest CD, "birth, love, hate, death", written and produced by Gerry Dantone, are always relevant and usually intensely emotion and often unique in the rock music arena. BLHD is focused on love in real life terms, imperfections and all. This is a nuanced album and the lyrics are NOT what you would expect if you really think about them. At the same time their memorable melodies recall the qualities admired in the Who, the Beatles, Green Day and the Killers even though their songs never sound like any of these classic band's tunes in particular.

Additionally, this is truly an album by UniversalDice. Besides performing the songs, it was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band. Even the band's web site, cover art and just about anything else you might think of were handled/created by band members.

Songwriter, singer and political and philosophical writer/activist Gerry Dantone has a writing style that is first and foremost humanistic, but also coherent, provocative and multi-layered. In addition, the band's primary themes are as big as they get; life and death and meaning and purpose. No other band is as prepared to tackle these subjects as UniversalDice.

Bandmates Bob Barcus on lead guitar and Eddie Canova on bass are among Long Island's finest session players and are given a chance to stretch. Newest members are longtime Long Island musical giants Walt Sargent and Vincent Crici who add their keyboard support to the band's latest tunes.

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