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My Name is Thomas...


Released 1998
Infidels Records
Released 1998
Infidels Records
One of popular music's most fully realized rock operas. Dealing with life, death, meaning and purpose, it pulls off this ambitious agenda with insight and biting wit.

The band is
The CD is "My Name Is Thomas..." Released in 1998 by Infidels Records.

Faith, doubt and Rock 'n' Roll. has bitten off a big piece, and they go for it. Have you ever heard anything like this before?


"If you want to get to heaven, you got to kiss the Magic Butt"

"If you're immune to actin' human, go on and kill yourself"

"I envy the dead, they don't have to get up in the morning"

"There's a God shaped hole in my heart"

"There was no Holy Ghost, when I looked deep inside"

"I'd like to give you my thanks for the prayer, but I'd sooner choke on my last breath"

"This is my last prayer, off my knees at last"

It begins "My Name is Thomas, and I want so much..." and ends with "Love is the Only Priest." Along the way the most original exploration of faith and its loss in rock and roll is a surprisingly passionate, cerebral, biting and emotional journey. is a band from Long Island that knows what it wants to say. With the release of their debut CD, "My Name Is Thomas...", in January/February 1998, becomes a pioneering band, taking on a subject matter that is rarely explored or approached in as brilliant, thoughtful, confident and provocative manner as this. The four band mates have been perfecting their style and point of view for the last few years, and the release of this thematic 71 minute, 18 song epic will not disappoint. Songwriters and lead vocalists Gerry Dantone and Sam Cimino are both unique and original rock and roll voices and refuse to be contained in any neat musical category. Lead guitarist Bob Barcus and keyboardist Tom Beckner complete the quartet, complimenting the percussion and guitar abilities of Gerry and the bass playing and all around musical genius of Sam. Rock used to challenge the listener with new ideas, not just shock. Can you handle this?

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March 1998
Michael Delwey

A lot of people have been wondering where the next great rock opera is going to come from. In the beginning, there was Hair and Godspell and Tommy and Quadrophenia. Then there was Rocky Horror and The Lamb Lie Down On Broadway. Of course, the latest rage is Rent, but I don't think that counts since it's really a reworking of La Boheme. Here's a surprise for you, the next great rock opera might have emerged from, get this, Albertson, and is named "My Name Is Thomas…."

Universal Dice may be a new name to you though looking at the player's credits will expose some very familiar names, beginning with Island Songwriters big wig Gerry Dantone, right through other noted performers like Sam Cimino, Bob Barcus and Tom Beckner. What these fine musicians have put together as a team, is a 71 minute, 18 track opus that surrounds the life odyssey of a man named Thomas, whose brother was cast out by his family because of a premarital pregnancy and, through a tragic accident, never got the opportunity to reconcile.

The journey of the work centers on the loss of faith by a man of the cloth, and though religion is the central thread, the work never bogs down because of preachiness. This also is not a snappy "Bye Bye Birdie" affair; this has an edge with rock guitars, gritty melodies and lengthier songs. Phenomenally stimulating, the extensive lyric sheets not only keep you in tune with the story step by step, it helps you visualize a show in your head. What is really impressive, beyond all else, is that like all great rock operas, the songs stand by themselves and would still sound great played one at a time on the radio.

Universal Dice has only one minor problem… you have to wonder what they'll do for an encore. For the time being, run, don't walk, to get your copy of this intense, intelligent and introspective musical. Right out of Albertson hath come what may be the next great rock opera.
November 1997
James Yarsky

Gerry Dantone will be releasing an ambitious CD, "My Name Is Thomas…" within the next few months. It's a rock opera who's lead character (for reasons of absolute necessity) is named Thomas and it tackles important issues (like religion, self reliance, spirituality) and thinking will be a major player in how much you enjoy the music.

I'm just one in many ISS writers who ask the listener to think and believe me it's a risky proposition. Most people want to be entertained, me included. But writers who ask their audience to think go a bit further. Gerry will kill me for paraphrasing her to talk about his music but the temptation's too great - Sister Wendy says there are two kinds of great art: Spiritual and Sacred. Spiritual art gives you immediate satisfaction where sacred art takes time to appreciate. The songs I've heard from Gerry's opera are both spiritual and sacred. They can be enjoyed on a pure pop level but what lies under the pop grooves are lyrics to consider and meditate over. I got a feeling I'll be one of his first customers.

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