"Take Me Home" by UniversalDice, on "birth, love, hate, death"

The sixth tune on the new CD from UniversalDice, "birth, love, hate, death" is "Take Me Home". I have to admit the following; this particular song was written a long time ago and was not written specifically for this rock opera. BUT, this tune, in a sense, was the core idea and the model for the two lead characters in the opera; the somewhat naive young man and the jaded young woman. Obviously the naive young man was easy for me to identify with those many years ago and that is why I was able to write songs using that character - I knew what is going on in that character's mind.

The jaded young woman character is obviously more difficult for me to figure out, but I have done my best. This character, to me, is more interesting, contradictory and complex. I hope she is realistic and compelling for the listener.

In this tune, the young man has left the club/party where he first meets the young woman and is at a low point because of his social ineptness and insecurity. The young woman at first snubbed him but sensed that he was hurting and decided to follow him, which, as the previous song indicated, "My Hands Are Tied," was to a rooftop. Here she she takes him off the ledge and tells him, "Take Me Home." Yes, this rock opera has an actual story.

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