Dear God by XTC

Besides telling you about our just released CD, sometimes I just want to tell others who may have an interest in songwriting and music about the songs that not only inspired us but set the bar high and led the way.

A truly brilliant song that always moves me is "Dear God" by the band XTC. This song consists of a brilliant melody and incredibly intelligent, biting and emotional lyrics that deals with some ultimate topics; God, good, evil and life and death. This is really up our alley since I have prided myself in dealing with the ultimate questions of life on our 4 UniversalDice CDs. What should a writer be writing about if not life and death, meaning and purpose? Well, the truth is that most tunes and releases are probably about selling product and making money; for me and UniversalDice, selling product is only a hoped-for bonus at this point; I'm in it no matter what for the music, the art, to communicate.

"Dear God" communicates a great deal to me and raises the theological issue of "theodicy" quite effectively. If God is good, why does he allow such evil to befall the innocent? If God exists, why does he seem to ignore our prayers so often and randomly? Why do so many kill each other over differing versions of God? These questions are all here in this song and are answered rhetorically and directly? Have you asked yourself these questions recently? This song is a dramatic reminder - to think.

Here are two versions: one is the original music video by XTC and the second is a superior cover with music and lyrics by Sarah MacLaughlin.

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