"I Love it When They Hate It"

So far we've introduced all the characters in the rock opera - except for one - the "Sugardaddy." One of the things I struggled with was what to call this character. I was not sure that "sugardaddy" was dated or not dated, but I did not have a better title for this character, so, at this point, this is the name of the character, for better or worse.

The song is sung by this fellow who is seemingly arrogant and totally insecure at the same time. He also seems to have little regard for women and abuses them to inflate his own self-esteem. Yet he is a human being and vulnerable.

One more thing about this tune in particular: the song is sung from the point of view of this character and since this person is not particularly admirable, the ideas expressed in the song could be considered reprehensible. I do not want anyone to think I endorse these views or that this guy is not a slime; I hope no one uses the song to promote abuse. This is a character saying stuff true to his character. Disclaimer: any resemblance of this character to persons living or dead is the product of the probabilistic nature of the universe.





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