Learning from the masters: "Desperado"

Our latest CD is a departure for the band; it's all about "love." Previously in our CDs we explored faith, religion, politics, reason and social issues with a smattering of songs about relationships. This album is about love and nothing but!

One of the reasons I have avoided the topic of love, which, of course, is the most overwhelmingly common topic in popular music is because I have been intimidated in attempting to write something that has not been said a million times already or write something that can compete with tunes already written.

One of the things about "love" that I find most interesting is not the mere expression of love of one person for another. I find, instead, that what interests me more is the "philosophy" and "nature" of love. What is love? Why do we love? These are questions less explored in love songs, and as a philosopher without a degree, I am better equipped than most to tackle it. Hence, "birth, love, hate, death."

In the meantime, one of those love songs I find overwhelming and intimidating is presented here: "Desperado" by the Eagles. It is not a song expressing one's love to another but instead it is a song encouraging one person to consider love itself. It is simple to understand, but not simplistic. It is a beautiful melody and sung with an ache in the heart. Enjoy:

Live version: