Promotion in the era of social media

Now that the "birth, love, hate, death" CD is out and available everywhere, there are new goals at hand; 1) promote the new music as much as possible 2) see if there is anyway to play live while doing the music justice 3) and start creating new music for the next (5th) CD.

Promoting the music amounts to getting the music into the hands of reviewers and internet and terrestrial radio, podcasts, etc. It's also spreading the word via Facebook and other social media. That is in process.

Playing live is trickier; being able to do that on any kind of regular and meaningful basis is difficult when people do not necessarily know your music in advance - why should they come to your show? Also having responsibilities in life is a huge handicap. For many, to truly meaningfully tour to support new music would mean quitting one's job - that is not always an option.

In the "old" days, the release and promotion of a good album of music was profitable enough to allow you to quit a job and THEN tour behind the music. You could make money on the album alone. This almost never happens nowadays. There is almost never any money in releasing music - the only way to make a living is playing live, and that means an all-in commitment to starting at the bottom and working your way up.

However, without some success receiving airplay and press notice, there is little chance that live shows would work in any case. So here is to hoping that airplay and great reviews are to follow. We'll see. It would nice to play the tunes to a large audience someday.

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