"Your Son"

In the last couple of weeks I've posted about the first two songs on the new UniversalDice CD "birth, love, hate, death". The first song basically was an introduction in the grandest sense: "Welcome to the World." Although the song sounded upbeat and rocked, there was a certain strain of realism within the lyrics.

The second tune took us down the road to reality even further as the mom sings to her sleeping child "I Wish I Could Tell You This," a reference to the circumstances of her child's birth. You can find these posts here on Facebook or also on our band's web site blog page.

The third song is "Your Son" sung by the child who has grown into a very young man still unaware of the truth and the pain his mother keeps inside. This tragic song begins the son's journey and I do not think you have heard a song like this before. One of the things I try to do is write songs that are original, even in the smallest way, and with this song I just have to believe we've succeeded. To listen to "Your Son" for free via streaming audio: http://www.universaldice.com/music/s/your_son

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All the above have links to listen to "Your Son."