"I Know What I'm Doing"

The 9th tune on the new CD from UniversalDice, "birth, love, hate, death" is "I Know What I'm Doing". Since this is a rock opera about love, from birth to death, it wouldn't be realistic or legitimate if it read like a happy fairy tale. At least that is what I think is typical even of true love, or perhaps especially for true love.

Being loved truly should mean being loved in spite of one's faults and loving another in spite of their faults or issues. It has to be this way - because we all have faults and issues. Many of us are self-destructive in some way, whether it's with drugs, alcohol, the friends we choose, the money and time we waste, dishonesty, being in a constant state of denial and so on. Some faults and issues are more forgivable than others. Some are not as forgivable, such as dishonesty and unkindness.

This song can be seen as one person in a relationship being in denial about their own substance abuse problem while, at the same time, not lying about it. The other person just wants to help. Will love find a way? There is no certain answer.