A Libretto!

I am putting together the libretto for our new CD "birth, love, hate, death," a rock opera, for the purpose of sending it out to a couple of producers/directors and playhouses. I will be concentrating on the local market since this is where, for reasons of practicality, that I can actually work on a live production of the opera with actors, sets, etc. Long Island is actually pretty active with live theater although NEW musical (or dramatic) productions are uncommon.

Jacqueline Jay, of A.V.A. Live Radio, who interviewed me last week on her podcast, suggested inquiring of local dance/drama schools to see if they might have an interest in staging this opera. Excellent idea! Another reason to finalize a libretto.

All ideas on staging an original rock opera are welcomed. To hear the music, see our "Listen & purchase music" button on the left or go to our website and see the Spotify music page (or our other music page) and the lyrics page as well! http://www.universaldice.com/spotify/ .