My Hands Are Tied

The fifth song on our new rock opera CD "birth, love, hate, death" is "My Hands Are Tied."  There is a simple premise underlying this song; the character, a young man, is intimidated by a girl he met (at a party or club) and has a difficult time dealing with her due to his inexperience and social awkwardness.  I certainly identified with the immature character in this case.

As a young man I attended all-male or mostly all-male schools from the age of about 14 to the age of 21.  There were zero females in my high school - they were not allowed in this PUBLIC SCHOOL at the time - and just a handful in the engineering university I attended afterward.  I must admit, this was not a emotionally healthy arrangement for me.  No wonder I wrote this song!

Anyway, in this song the singer, who was already enduring personal turmoil at the time, suffers a fairly common form of rejection by the girl who basically snubs him, but he takes it very hard.  He is hitting a low point and leaves the party but fortunately the girl who treated him poorly sees his immediate reaction, and senses his pain.  She is the girl from the previous song (The Prophet), a victim of abuse herself.

He heads to the roof of the building and gets to the ledge.  Take a listen: 

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