Releasing music these days is more than creating the music; I guess it has always been this way but now there are so many more details that did not exist just 10 or 15 years ago. Here is one of those details.

Today I am asking our friends to "follow" UniversalDice on Spotify. You can open an account at Spotify (for free using Facebook) and download their free Spotify app. The more that we are "followed," the more airplay we will receive on Spotify, and that would be a good thing for us! We might even receive a small check someday for our music - wouldn't that be a novelty! In any case, "follow" us by pressing the green "follow" button on Spotify - go to .

You could also visit our web site where we have a Spotify "follow" button as well: . Use the green Spotify button on the audio player at the top left.

There are 6 audio players on the page, 4 that are for the 4CDs we've released and one for us under the name "UniversalDice" another as "" which is how what originally named the band when not many bands had web sites. We have those two names thanks to iTunes who no longer allow ".com" to be attached to our band name in their system because we did not put ".com" on the CD cover! Who knew? Just another detail!